Stilts and Kilts

So I’m sure I’ll go back and put up some progress work that leads up to this… but for now, here is my final animation for my first semester in grad school!

This is my final project from VIZA 613: 3D Modeling and Animation (Department of Visualization, Texas A&M University). The overall goal of this class is to create a 30 second animated short based on a limerick throughout the duration of the semester.

There was a young lady of Wilts
Who walked up to Scotland on stilts
When they say it is shocking
To show so much stocking
She answered, “Then what about kilts?”

Software Used:
Autodesk Maya (modeling, rigging, animation, shading, and lighting)
RenderMan Studio (rendering and shading)
Adobe Photoshop and GIMP (textures)
Adobe Audition (sound)
Adobe After Effects (compositing)

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