More Inspirations

Still poking around for inspiration for my Render and Shading class. Looks like the professor is looking for a more stylized rendering.

I came across Ben Powis and his work is pretty rad. I think it would be interesting to reinterpret into a 3D scene. It is definitely along the lines of my style, right down to the color scheme. I appreciate the creepy, yet whimsical, quality of his characters and world.

Ben Powis, “Stuck in the Mud”
Ben Powis, “Hollows”

My partner also pointed me towards Cyril Rolando . Here are a few paintings that caught my eye:

Cyril Rolando, “Everlasting Blues”
Cyril Rolando, “Save Our Souls”
Cyril Rolando, “Le Pianoquarium”
Cyril Rolando, "Blowing Bubbles"
Cyril Rolando, “Blowing Bubbles”


Cyril Rolando, “Requiem for Hope”
Cyril Rolando, "Evanescent Sunrise"
Cyril Rolando, “Evanescent Sunrise”

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