Chance Based Systems Project Brainstorming

Starting some work in my Generative Art class!

I am still in the process of determining what direction I want to go in for creating a chance-based system. But I figured it would be good to get my thoughts down in writing to help organize my ideas.

I am definitely intrigued with using music as a data input to guide each art piece. I think it would be interesting to see what my favorite songs of various genres produce.

After today’s lecture, the following works of A. Michael Noll and Ellsworth Kelly stood out to me.

Ellsworth Kelly, “Spectrum Colors Arranged by Chance II”
A. Michael Noll, “Gaussian Quadratic”
Piet Mondrian, “Composition in Color B”

I’ll be playing around more with how I could potentially combine these with music. I’m planning on using Processing for this project. I am pretty new to it, so I will have to do further research on the various information I can extract from a music file to feed into my system.

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