Chance Based System Post-Critique Thoughts

So, I had my In-Progress Critique in class today for my music input chance based system. I thought I’d organize my thoughts/goals for the upcoming week.

  • Color Algorithm:
    Definitely going through with my plan to normalize the amplitudes of each frequency band, and pull my RBG channel values from the low, mid, and high frequency bands. In order to properly normalize each band, I think I will need to  find the maximum amplitude of each band across all songs I plan to use in my final piece.
  • Opacity Algorithm:
    I had been using the average amplitude of the low frequencies. Instead, I would also like to utilize the normalized bands. Perhaps using the average amplitude across the entire spectrum, or maybe a summation of amplitudes of the low, mid, and high band.
  • Behavior Pattern Investigation:
    Phil pointed out to me that thing he found most interesting about each piece is the vertical bands of color that appear. Although I feel like this is mainly due to serendipity of the pattern of consecutive beats in the song and the wavelengths having a small amplitude (thus less vertical movement), I feel this is worth further investigation. Also, it would be good to be able to reason why certain behavior appears.
  • Final Presentation:
    I really liked the idea of having a bunch of still images, as well as a video demonstrating the program as it draws in real time along to the song.
    As my main goal was to demonstrate a visual difference between different artists, it would be good to select approximately five artists of different genres. And in order to demonstrate consistency, I would use three songs from each artist.
    I’m having some difficulty choosing genres/artists, but right now I’m leaning towards indie (Kishi Bashi), hip-hop/jazz (Nujabes), rap (Snoop Dog), folk (The Avett Brothers), and rock (ZZ Top). That being said, I have a lot of favorite artists and wide taste in music, so don’t be surprised if these change. I definitely want to keep it to three songs per artist though!

All in all! I am really happy with my progress so far, and I am excited to see what comes!

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