Generative Art Biologically-Inspired System

I am quite intrigued by flocking systems, and I thought it would be interesting to combine it with a genetic algorithm.

I was inspired by Casey Raes’ “Processing Compendium.” His final pieces are mesmerizing. I love the organic nature of his work. They feel alive; I can imagine their breath.

I decided to first start off with a flocking system. I used the Flocking example on as a starting point.

Here are a few of my initial experiments. I essentially used a “brush” of various sizes and shapes to follow each boid. I also played around with border conditions.








Here is a video of the system in action:

Now where to go from here?

I have two main ideas:

(1) Genes would control the following parameters:
Brush appearance (length, angle of triangle, color)
Amplitude of forces applied to boid (collision avoidance, velocity matching, flock centering)

(2) Have the entire gene pool interact with each other in one painting.

I will be working on the first idea… then perhaps work towards allowing the user to pick multiple boid types to interact with each other.

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