Painting Boids Update

Here is a preview of my application GUI!

There are now two modes the user can play in.

Mutation Mode:

  • User can change the mutation constant of the behavior or shape of the boid independently.
  • User can mark favorites (by right clicking). These will be used in canvas mode.
  • Color is also assigned by right clicking. The user can specify to colors, the boid generator will interpolate those two colors so that the resulting boids (within that group) have some variation in color among them.
  • The “No Paint Trail” option will allow the user to see the boids movement without them leaving a trail behind them.


Canvas Mode:

  • All the boid groups marked as favorites can be seen interacting with each other on one canvas.
  • The colors used are the colors defined by the user in Mutation Mode.
  • Clicking on the canvas generates more boids and redefines the respawn point.


Here is a screenshot of the program with the “No Paint Trail” checked. I would like to change this so it displays a thicker stroke. It is hard to see the brushes on some iterations.


Here are a few outputs that I was able to produce with my program. =]



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