Flocking Cellular Automata Video and Future Direction

Here’s a video of my program from the previous post in action! (Btw Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder is awesome).

The red lines shown on the left panel are lines that haven’t moved from their previous position. These lines are rendered with a lower opacity, as to avoid quick opaque black line buildup (as shown in Iteration III of my program, see previous post).

Here’s a few thoughts on where I can take this within the next two weeks:

  • Give boids different tolerances for each state.
    This would mirror how people have different preferences for “contentment.” Some people prefer to be left alone, others don’t mind huge crowds. It would be interesting to see how this affects the image output.
  • Enable steering for edges.
    Right now the boids bounce off the edges. This causes problems when many boids get stuck in the corner. It is difficult for them to escape.
  • Play with color.
    I honestly do like the monochrome outputs. It feels very elegant to me, but it would be interesting to see how I can incorporate color into these images.

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