Gallery Layout Plan and Final Thoughts

This floor plan is just to illustrate that ideally I would like to have two sections to my exhibit: video and print. The divided sections would allow for different lighting settings since video likes to be in the dark, while prints need to be lit.layout3d

Here is an example of the planned print layout. Each column features songs from the same musical artist. I would love to have as many prints as the space allowed, wrapping around the walls. I think what is most interesting about this project is the differences in song prints across musical artists, as well as similarities within each musical artist set.


Here are some interesting qualities I have noted in a previous post:

(from left to right)

Kishi Bashi: Many white strokes. With highlights of blues, teals, purples, and yellows. Extremely wavy/stringy.
Absolutely makes me think of Kishi Bashi. He plays the violin and utilizes a loop pedal. (Amazing artist if you haven’t listened to him yet).

ZZ Top: Lots of pink, purple, and red! Strokes/colors are pretty even throughout the song.
These selections of songs have a steady rhythm and tonality, which could probably explain the consistency of strokes.

Nujabes: Boxy strokes. Bold colors. Black accent lines.
The most interesting thing about Nujabes is the boxy strokes. I have not encountered another artist with this pattern yet.

Snoop Dogg: Distinct vertical bands of color (mainly blue, green, red, and yellow). Very jagged strokes.
This is probably due to the rhythmic variation throughout the song. Also, the loops used to make the beats can come from a variety of selections.

Emiliana Torrini: Mostly vertical strokes. Lots of white, with highlights of pink and yellow.
She probably produced the most consistent outputs. The songs on her album Fisherman’s Woman do mostly consist of soft gentle beats, so I feel like these images are very suiting.

I would still really like to play around with my color algorithm to including the range of the frequency spectrum. Throughout the past few weeks I shifted my focus to the creating my prints, and making sure they work on three viewing distances. This was also my first time working with prints, so I was unaware about how much is lost in translation from the screen to print. This was definitely a good learning experience though! And now I know a lot more of what to look out for in the future.

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