Interactive Performance and Technology Introduction

This specific post serves as an introduction to my fellow peers in VIZA 689: Interactive Performance and Technology.

Hello everyone! This is Antoinette Bumatay. I am a 2nd year MS Visualization graduate student.

Here is a semi-recent picture of me:

And a bonus of me as a little ballet dancer (I don’t quite remember what performance this was for…):

So I have seen many dance performances throughout the years. One performance that was particularly memorable was Bad Unkl Sista’s “The Study of Soft” in San Francisco, CA in the spring of 2010.

From their company site:
“Bad Unkl Sista is a performance installation ensemble that fuses Butoh-inspired choreography, improvised music, couture costuming, and physical theater elements while producing site-specific experiences that seek to move each witness to a state of extraordinary and memorable being.”

Here are some images I found of the performance (also from their website).



It was almost four years ago, so the details are quite hazy. But from what I remember, I was completely entranced by the entire performance. It was morbid, yet beautiful, and absolutely mesmerizing.

Edit: Here is a video of the same company, but different performance.

Alright… now here are a few samples of my work.

Music Paintings:

Kishi Bashi – It All Began With a Burst
Snoop Doggy Dogg – Who Am I

Here is a video example of how the above works were made. This was an earlier version of the system, but will explain the main functionality:

Complex System Inspired:



Again, here is a video example of how the above works were made (also an earlier version of the system):

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