Sketch 1: Performance and Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, we did not have the hindsight to take pictures of the final performance. Here are some screenshots of a video someone from another group took of the performance. Sorry for the low quality, the lighting in the room was dim and the video was taken with a cellphone.sp01 sp02

So, as a reminder, this was just a prototype of the costume. Given more time, we would definitely extend the lights around the full skirt.

Overall, I was pleased with the aesthetics of the lighting. I would, however, change my Arduino program a bit. The change in resistance of the stretch sensor was very small, so instead of directly mapping the voltage to the brightness of the light, I would have my program detect whether the voltage was increasing or decreasing, and dim or brighten the light accordingly.

It would also be fun to play around with lights on her bodice and legs (perhaps to give the illusion of jellyfish tentacles?). This would allow the audience to see more of the dancer’s form.

If I can get a hold of one of the two videos taken, I will definitely post it!

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