Moon Scene Progress

Alright, so I’ve also been bad with keeping my progress updated for my rendering and shading class.

Here is the scene at it’s current state:

I have been working on the backgound elements, while Krista has been working on the character.

Here is a progression:

Blue specular added to moon.

Shaders added to prop/background elements.

Reflection/refraction added to carafe.

Altered fresnel qualities on carafe/water. Added specular to glass.

Edited brightness of reflection on top layer of water. Krista’s updated character textures added.

Old Man in the Moon Layout

Here is the current layout for the scene I’m working on with the talented Krista Murphy.

I’ve been modeling most of the set dressing (including the moon ensemble, plate, carafe, clock, table runner, floor moulding, and outlet cover). I have also been playing around with the camera movement and layout of the models.

Here’s the previous version for comparison. Lots of improvement has been made!!!

Notable changes:
(1) Camera movement is now much more gradual and deliberate. I originally was unsure about the time limit, but apparently there is none (as long as it doesn’t get too boring haha). It is also zoomed in closer to the objects.
(2) Placement of models on top of the dresser are now less cluttered to keep the silhouette of the man in his moon.
(3) I completely threw out the old model of the carafe, and started new. I noticed most of the objects on the dresser where circular, which made the carafe look out of place. So I decided to make a spherical one! And I am much happier with this version.
(4) Curve of the table runner is fixed.

Rendering and Shading Scene

Yeah, I know I’ve been neglecting my other classes for a while. Have a lot to catch up on.

Anywho, I think Krista and I have settled on an image for my rendering and shading class.

The original image is from an illustrator named Eric Puybaret.


Here’s a rough paintover of what we want to do with it. Excuse the poor quality! But essentially we went the camera to pan (either up or down) to reveal both characters. The man at the bottom of the nightstand is about to pull the table runner the moon is sitting. Thus, building anticipation of the sleepy man’s fall!


Edit: Professor recommended a glass of water instead of eyeglasses… so revised concept with poorly photoshopped beside carafe! Haha.


More Inspirations

Still poking around for inspiration for my Render and Shading class. Looks like the professor is looking for a more stylized rendering.

I came across Ben Powis and his work is pretty rad. I think it would be interesting to reinterpret into a 3D scene. It is definitely along the lines of my style, right down to the color scheme. I appreciate the creepy, yet whimsical, quality of his characters and world.

Ben Powis, “Stuck in the Mud”
Ben Powis, “Hollows”

My partner also pointed me towards Cyril Rolando . Here are a few paintings that caught my eye:

Cyril Rolando, “Everlasting Blues”
Cyril Rolando, “Save Our Souls”
Cyril Rolando, “Le Pianoquarium”
Cyril Rolando, "Blowing Bubbles"
Cyril Rolando, “Blowing Bubbles”


Cyril Rolando, “Requiem for Hope”
Cyril Rolando, "Evanescent Sunrise"
Cyril Rolando, “Evanescent Sunrise”

Painting Inspirations

Currently doing some research on a group (of two) project for my render and shading class. I am starting to gather some ideas for a scene we will be working on throughout the semester.

I’m currently intrigued with Vladimir Kush. These two paintings immediately caught my attention:

Vladimir Kush, “Daisy Games”
Vladimir Kush, “Music in the Woods”